YOU HELPED David craft his FIRST mead! How’d it go? | Making Mead at Home for Beginners

David was ready to take the plunge into making his first mead. Even though he’s made mead and beer at the Doin’ the Most house, he wants to know how to make mead at home – from his own experience. In the first video, we unpacked the Homebrew Ohio mead starter kit, which has a bucket, demijohn carboy, autosiphon, racking hose, malic and tartaric acids, tannin, potassium metabisulpite, sanitizer, yeast, and a hydrometer. Was it a good deal for $36? We’ll let you know. It’s easy to make mead with a simple recipe and the necessary equipment. David made a spicy pineapple tepache inspired mead simply with this starter pack!

Any other advice for David? Let us know in the comments (or on Discord)!

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