Viking Blood Mead Making A Cherry Melomel

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Meads with added fruits are called melomel’s, one of the most famous is a cherry melomel also known as viking’s blood mead because of the intense red colour

Very easy to make and it tastes delicious without having to condition for a long time

For this brew I used a 5l bucket and added slightly more than the 1.36kg (3lb) of honey, add the same amount of frozen cherries (if using fresh cherries its best to freeze them beforehand)

Add boiling water to almost fill the bucket and stir until combined, also add a teaspoon of pectolase to help breakdown the fruit and release as much juice as possible, I let mine cool overnight so added a crushed campden tablet to inhibit any bacterial growth before pitching the yeast

After five days for fermentation I strained the liquid through a muslin bag to remove the fruit pulp and transferred to a glass demijohn to complete fermentation for another two weeks before bottling

At that point it is drinkable but improves with age if you store it in a dark cool area for a few months

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