Tyrion’s Pyment (GoT Mead) – How to Make a Pyment

Today we’re making another Game of Thrones inspired mead. This mead is inspired by Tyrion Lannister! He’s the small make who drinks a lot of…everything! This mead is a Pyment, which is a grape based mead. Most of the time these meads are comparable to wines. I followed a recipe that I found on alehorn (https://www.alehorn.com/blogs/blog/8-game-of-thrones-inspired-mead-recipes). Make sure to like this video if you enjoyed it and share it with a friend. I hope you enjoy this video!

Tyrion’s Pyment Recipe:

1 Gallon of Grape Juice
2 Pounds of Clover Honey
1 oz of Buckwheat Honey
2.5 Grams of Lalvin EC-1118

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