The 8 Mead Making Mistakes All Beginners Should Avoid

Today we’re talking about the 8 Mead Mistakes that most all beginner mead makers make. You should learn about these things and avoid them at all cost! Mead making is an art. Yes you can absolutely just start throwing things randomly into a container and let it go – but you will find that repeating that product/making it it’s best is going to be far more difficult than it should be! You should have a little method to your madness when it comes to mead making.

1.) Assuming all yeast are the same
2.) Not Understanding Yeast Health
3.) Balancing a Brew (Tannin, Acid & Sweetness)
4.) Leaning too heavy on Recipes
5.) Time & Mead (The Truth)
6.) Experience is Key
7.) Gravity Readings and Hydrometers
8.) Smart & Safe Mead Making Choices

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0:00 Introduction
0:17 About Me
0:40 The Mistakes
0:58 #1 Assuming Yeast Don’t Matter
3:20 #2 Neglecting to Understand Yeast Health
6:25 #3 Learning to Balance a Brew
10:07 #4 Recipes
11:37 #5 Time & Mead (The Truth)
13:31 #6 Experience is Key
14:22 #7 Gravity Readings & Hydrometers
16:18 #8 Smart & Safe Mead Making Choices
19:02 Wrap Up

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