MEAD SWAP 3: Root beer cyser? Of course that would happen!

One day we began to wonder – what would happen if two meadmakers swapped a mead without telling each other what they had done to it? So… we did it! This homebrew mead challenge started with @Man Made Mead buying alfalfa and sea salt honeys, hiding the labels, and giving them to BC to brew with. BC brewed it up into a apple pear cyser with Philly Sour in primary, then MMM added some sarsparilla and tannin in secondary! Then, on finishing, BC added a cinnamon, rose hip tea, and all that salty honey! This one turned out SUPER good! We loved showing how to make mead with a friend in a fun and unusual way – more episodes on the way!

What should we add to our next Mead Swap? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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