Mead, and Definitely-Not-Mead || Vegan “Mead”, Part 1

It took many months, but I’ve finished the video I started in, er, August. Hello!

In which I brew heather honey mead, and I brew… something… using golden syrup, heather flowers, and stubbornness.
One day, there will be a part two, where I taste and bottle them, but not until they can safely be drunk while I form part of a large pile of humans snuggled up under a load of cloaks around a bonfire.


Happy Homestead have also made a golden syrup wine, which you can find here:
Part 1 –
Part 2 –

And the instructions I have been approximately following for the last decade of brewing mead can be found at this Wayback Machine link to a magnificent artefact of internet history, my favourite page on the whole web, by Arlea Æðelwyrd Hunt-Anschütz:

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