Making a Bochet From Beginning to Drinking!

How to Make a Bochet from beginning to drinking. Today we are going to go through the whole process of making a bochet all the way up until we drink it! Bochet’s are by far one of my favorite kinds of meads and I hope you all will consider making one for yourself. The process is really easy and I outline it all in this video. I am attaching the steps you need to take and the recipe. This mead took about 75 days from start to drinking. I could of course have waited longer to bottle (and I did for some of the mead) but for the sake of the video I went ahead and bottled it!

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Bochet Recipe:
4 Gallons of Spring Water
8 Pounds of Bocheted Mesquite Honey
4 Pounds of Regular Mesquite Honey
5 Grams of Lalvin D47

Steps to make a Bochet:
1.) Collect your ingredients & sanitize everything
2.) Heat your honey for as long as desired (1 hour normally works for me)
3.) Mix your honey and water together
4.) Add your yeast to the must
5.) Let ferment through the primary fermentation (until bubbling stops) & rack mead into new container.
6.) Let age in that container for however long you desire.
7.) Bottle the mead and enjoy!


Glass Carboy (& Airlock):
Auto-Siphon and Tubing:
Star San (Sanitizer):
Bottling Capper:
Bench Capper (Optional):
Hand Corker:
Floor Corker (Optional):
Wine Corks:
Bottle Caps:
Bottling Wand:

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Mead Making is an art that people have enjoyed doing for years. It’s something that intermediate to expert people can do and I’m somewhere in between. I’ve really enjoyed trying to use lots of different flavors in my meads like: Apple, Peach, Mango, Pear, Traditional, Elderberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Maple Syrup, Apple Pie, Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Cherry, Chocolate, Bochets, Bochet, White Chocolate, Cilantro, Peaches, Melomels, Melomel, Acerglyn, Hydromel, Berries, Berry, Capsicumel, Peppers, Fenugreek. Some of my favorite meads have been the big blueberry mead, apple cinnamon mead, Bochet, OK Bochet, Raspberry Bochet, Mixed Berry Mead, Orange Cream mead, and Peppermint mead. I focus on how to make mead and how to make mead for beginners and hopefully anyone who wants to continue to grow in their mead making.

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