Maergery Tyrell’s Rose Mead – A GoT Mead!

Today we’re making Maergery Tyrell’s Rose Mead! This is a mead recipe that uses roses as it’s dominant flavor! This means that this mead is technically a “Rhodomel”. I have really enjoyed making this mead and I think you would also enjoy it! Be sure to check out the recipe and hit the like and subscribe for more mead recipes! Thanks to Alehorn for providing this recipe!

Maergery Tyrell Rose Recipe:

2 Pounds of Blueberry Honey *any honey will do*
2 oz of Dried Rose Petals
1 tbs of Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp of Wine Tannin
3 Grams of Mangrove Jacks M05 Yeast
1 Cup of Cherry Juice *for color*
1 tsp of Fermaid O

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