Juniper Elderflower Tasting!

Hi everyone! This mead was a fun adventure, it was also the first I uploaded to my channel! (Well, the “traditional” mead part) Anyway, below are the other videos in the series, or there is a playlist on the main page. I also listed my recipe and steps I made!

1st Video:
2nd Video:
3rd Video:

For the traditional I referenced a CS Brews video, their recipe involves adding orange peel and juice (we have since learned that adding juice in secondary is preferable), as well as making a tea with a black tea bag. I used about 3lb Star Thistle honey by Sleeping Bear Farms (though I hadn’t bought enough to back sweeten with), and D-47.

After back sweetening, about 4.5 oz Juniper berries and 1oz Elderflowers were added (When fermentation had completely stopped) and I added the lemon zest and juice.

SG 1.110 (not enough honey tbh)
FG 1.010

Music license purchased

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