How to make Valheim’s Tasty Mead – easy at home recipe

Everybody’s playing Valheim, the new Viking game set in an afterlife. A big part of the game is the building and crafting mechanism, which, wouldn’t ya know it, includes making mead! There are a ton of mead recipes to make: Poison Resistance Mead, Minor Stamina Mead, Medium Stamina Mead, Minor Health Mead, Medium Health Mead, and Frost Resistance Mead. But we chose the one made with blueberries, raspberries, and honey: the Tasty Mead. In this video we converted the recipe for real-world proportions and brewed up a batch to try. Turns out, it was excellent! We hope you enjoy this video on how to make mead from Valheim!

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### RECIPE ###

-1 pound honey
-1 pound raspberries
-0.5 pound blueberries

In secondary/at bottling:
-1 Tbsp erythritol per 12oz bottle

Bottle condition!


What other video game meads should we make? Let us know in the comments (or on Discord)!

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