How to make Moonshine, Quick and easy Recipe

Welcome to 2021.

What a crazy year 2020 was, but with that behind us lets start the new year with a bang, Moonshine.
If you are a fan of the TV show Moonshiners, this is a recipe straight from the Show.

With a deep dive into the history and the recipes and processes used in the old days, I came across this recipe here.
Really simple recipe on how to make Moonshine, in this method the Grain is used as flavor agent and to as source of sugar.
So no mash in time and specific temps to reach.

The original recipe is:

1 Gallon of Water (good quality water)
1 Pound of Sugar (Pure Cane Sugar)
1/4 Pound of Course ground White Corn Meal

Scaled up to 20L Wash

19.7l of Water
2.4kg of Sugar
588g of Braai Pap

so I hope this comes out nice.

Tasting video up soon.

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