How To Make Hopped Gin: 2 Ways, Juicy & Resinous

Thanks to Still Spirits for sending me this challenge and a challenge it was! Adding hops to a distilled beverage seems like a great idea. But it can go horribly wrong. Often tasting like a slightly strange, oily, flat version of the hop, rather than being bright and fresh.

So I tested a bunch of different ways to incorporate hops into a distilled beverage. Then made two different distilled hop gins. The air still was a great little tool to rock all of these experements!

Juicy Hop Gin:
This makes a fruity gin with a subtle juicy hop finish. I recommend using NZ Sauvin.
10 g (0.352 oz) Juniper lightly crushed
3 g (0.105 oz) coriander seeds lightly crushed
8 g (0.282 oz) Orange Zest
15 g (0.529 oz)peeled pear
30 g (1.058 oz) NZ Sauvin Hops
1 L (33.8 fl oz) of 40% neutral or vodka

Macerate the juniper in the alcohol for 12-24 hours.
Add the alcohol and juniper berries into the still
Put all other ingredients (EXCEPT the hops) into the vapour basket and distill
Reject the first 15 – 20 ml. Collect a total of around 375ml hearts
Cold vapour infuses the gin with 15g (0.529 oz) of hops for 2 days. Then refresh the hops and infuse for another 2 days.

I.P Aye? gin:
20 g (0.705 oz) Juniper lightly crushed
4 g (0.141 oz) coriander light crushed
3.5 g (0.123 oz) orange zest
2.5 g (0.88) oz) lemon zest
53 g (1.869 oz) Chinook hops
500 ml (16.9 fl oz) of 40% neutral or vodka
250ml (8.4 fl oz) of 95% neutral or vodka

Macerate the juniper and coriander in the 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) of 40% abv for 12-24 hours
Macerate 8g (0.282 oz) of chinook hops in the 95% abv for 3-6 hours
Strain the hops out and add the hop alcohol to the still along with the other maceration (berries and all)
Add the orange and lemon zest to the vapour basket
Add 350ml of water to the still
Distil and discard the first 20-25 (.84 fl oz) ml of spirit. Collect roughly 350ml (11.8 fl oz) of hearts in total.
Cold infuse the new gin with 15g (0.529 oz) of chinook hops for 2 days. Refresh the hops and repeat for a total of 6 days (or longer if you want).

Time Stamps:
0:0 Why?
1:18 Hops Talk
2:10 Bold Or Subtle
03:04 Two Kinds Of Gin
03:46 What’s the plan
04:49 Testing Technique
05:57 Test Results
08:39 Juicy Gin Recipe
10:24 I.P Aye? Gin Recipe
13:15 Air Still Testing
14:25 Taste Test
17:25 Sum It Up

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