Homebrewing a Pecan Brown Ale Braggot Mead

Short mashup of videos from my pecan brown braggot brew day. Braggot is a style of mead that is kind of a mashup of a mead and a beer. It incorporates both grains and honey.


Mash 60 mins at 154-156 (I don’t have good temp control)
6lbs Maris otter
2.3lbs Crystal 80
2.5lbs wheat flake
3lbs pecans

Boil 60 mins
Williamette .6oz at 60 minutes
Nugget .4oz at 15 minutes.

Coil to pitching temp and add 3 lbs of good quality raw unpasteurized honey. I got some nice sourwood honey from Honey Next Door who is in Atlanta.

Pure Raw Sourwood Honey

Yeast I used was safale S-04

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