Elderflower Braggot – Can I Brew Reddit Reddit Recipes? Episode 1 Part 2

The finale of my attempt to follow a recipe from the r/mead subreddit wiki for my first ever braggot. Plenty of mistakes were made…

This particular recipe was written by Stormbeforedawn. I suspect most of my audience is already familiar with Storm, but just in case you aren’t, he has a channel as well:

►Reddit Recipe: https://reddit.com/r/mead/wiki/userrecipes/braggot#wiki_elderflower_braggot

►Brief Northern Brewer Blog post about yeast attenuation: https://www.northernbrewer.com/blogs/new-to-brewing-start-here/attenuation

►My homebrew website: https://www.arrowtothemead.com

►All music used in these videos is free on Bandcamp!
Intro/Outro song: https://terrapart.bandcamp.com/track/turn-to-dust
Background music: https://arrowtothemead.bandcamp.com/releases

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