DIY Making RUM (Distilling) Part 2

First video showing my whole distilling process from start to finish (I am new at this and still learning).

Follow this link to see how I made the toasted oak strips:

Follow this link to see how I made the caramelized sugar syrup:

Any advice, tips or tricks to make my next batch will be greatly appreciated.

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00:00 Intro
00:06 Transfer to Boiler
00:45 Attach Column
00:51 Connect cooling pipes
01:15 Getting up to temperature
01:30 Foreshots and heads
02:01 Methanol test
02:10 Collecting Hearts
02:30 Alcohol percentage
03:17 Dilute with water
03:53 Add Aging Oak
04:15 Filter through activated carbon
04:32 Add glycerin
04:45 Add caramelized sugar syrup
05:10 Enjoy, Cheers

Thanks for watching SamoesA DIY

Music: “Kevin MacLeod – Sardana”
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How to make rum
Making rum

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