DIY How to make Caramel RUM (Start to Finish)

This video showcases my caramel rum. I do not use an exact recipe, spices are added depending on what my preference was for the day.
I always try to keep my videos short you will therefor notice some shaky camera work.

Total 28 Liters (Fermented for 7 days)
5 Kg Brown Sugar
2 Liters Molasses
1 Tsp Mixed Spice (Robertson’s Spice)
1 Cinnamon stick
Fist full of Star Anise

Carnalized sugar (1 cup white sugar with 4 ml Vanilla Essence)

3x Oak staves roasted at 210°C for 3 hours
1x Oak stave roasted at 140°C for 3 hours
1x Oak stave Charred

1 Cup Red wine barrel chips

00:00 intro
00:05 Boil Molasses and sugar
00:50 Add spices
01:15 Transfer to Fermenter
01:33 Rehydrate the Yeast
01:49 Aerate the Wash
02:08 Fermentation
02:25 Filter to boiler
02:33 Setup the Still
02:54 Distillation
04:17 Dilute the cuts
05:12 Add the Oak for “Ageing”
05:58 Prepare the Caramelized sugar
06:38 Filtration
06:47 Add Caramelized sugar
06:54 Bottle

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