Daru Desi | Nashik Mead & Melomel | ft. @sarang sathaye & Paula Mcglynn | #BestHoney #bha2pa

The new buzz is in bee-town is Mead! Post lockdown, Sarang and Paula taste some fabulous flavours of Mead in Nashik and also show you how its made from honey. Stick around to the end to become an expert on mead and melomel. Subscribe to Bha2pa! #BestHoney #Mead

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Hosted by – Sarang Sathaye and Paula McGlynn
Directed by – Paula McGlynn
Cinematographer – Neel Salekar
Editing and Memes – Karan Sonawane
Sound Post assistance – Tanwee Paranjpe
Transportation by – Shubh Tours and Travels (Mahadev Koli)
Special thanks – Nikam sir’s Apiary, and Yoginee, Ashwini, and Devdatt of Cerana Meadery
Subtitles – Adwaita Deshmukh

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