Brewing Beer: Juicy IPA All Grain Homebrew Recipe

Our Brew Setup:

In this episode of Clawhammer’s Brewing Beer series, we make a Juicy IPA. Why is it called “juicy,” you may ask? Well, it has tons of hop flavor and aroma without the bitterness. This makes it taste like it has been flavored with fresh squeezed “hop juice.” In fact the recipe for this beer is based off of the well known “Fresh Squeezed IPA” by Deschutes Brewery.

To achieve this “juicy” effect, we added minimal hops on the front end of the boil, then loaded it up with during a late boil addition, with a hopstand at 170 degrees, then topped it off with 3 days of dry hopping after fermentation wrapped up. We achieved the desired effect and the beer definitely had a juicy, “fresh hop” flavor profile.

Here are the full recipe details:
Here’s the kegging and dry hopping video:

Music by Joakim Karud

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