Brewery Focus: Crooked Handle Brewing


Brewery:  Crooked Handle Brewing Company


Open Date: 12/31/2015

Address: 760 N. Main St.  

    Springboro, OH  45066


  • Jason Moore and Kristy Moore
  • Jeff Pedro Jr. and Emily Pedro

Brewmaster/Head Brewer: Jason Moore

Most Popular Beers: 

  • Roadside Peanut Butter Porter, 
  • Trinity Haze New England IPA
  • Boro Blonde Ale

Brewmasters’ favorite beer to brew:  Jason finds the Lagers to be the most challenging, but his New England IPA, is the beer that he is proudest of.

What sets this brewery apart from the rest?:  A focus on local philanthropy by giving a portion of sales back to local non-profits, including being part of a team that generated $120,000.00 for Dayton Tornado relief.


I had wanted to visit Crooked Handle since it opened in late 2015. I had read many positive reviews about the Springboro Ohio brewery in the local newspaper.  As a lover of live music, I was happy to find that this is one of the things that Crooked Handle was that they have live music, one of my favorite things ever.   But it wasn’t until I met the owner Jason that I found out that Crooked Handle was big on local philanthropy. This further piqued my interest, and a visit to Crooked Handle moved to the top of my list.

Crooked Handle’s welcoming storefront

I reached out to Crooked Handle to schedule a tour with the hope of asking a few questions about their business (and maybe get a sample or four!). I considered myself blessed when the owner and brewmaster Jason Moore invited me in on a brewing day. As I have a profound love of brewing I jumped at the chance to visit.  To say that I was excited to tour Crooked Handle was a major understatement.

Upon arrival Jason immediately made me feel welcome with a smile and a friendly handshake. We briefly discussed our brewing backgrounds and our brewing setups and discovered that we shared a lot in common. We both started out brewing around the same time and both have a passion for the science of the brewing process. It was a thrill to get to discuss brewing with him.

Co-owner/Brewmaster Jason Moore

But unlike me, Jason’s brewing skills are on another level. He made it past the five-gallon ‘Corny keg’ stage and within five years increased Crooked Handle’s max capacity to 550 barrels annually (running currently at 80%). Not bad for someone who got his start brewing by brewing in a literal barn with his two friends Kurtis and Jeff. 

From there, Crooked Handle quickly grew into more than just a brewery. It offers live music every weekend providing a perfect venue for local musicians to be heard. Crooked Handle has also given back to the community through their philanthropic efforts. Monthly Crooked Handle selects two local non-profit charities and every Thursday night Crooked Handle donates 10% of their sales to their respective causes. This gives customers a chance to also give back to the community while enjoying one of Crooked Handle’s delicious brews.

A welcoming taproom

Crooked Handle’s taproom is cozy with ample seating and plenty of entertainment. It features board games, mini-shuffleboard (my personal favorite), and on Wednesdays, they host a trivia night. Every Friday and of course on Saturday evenings Crooked Handle features live music from various local and regional acts and plenty of televisions for the game. Crooked Handle also offers a full bar including top-shelf spirits, wine, and cider, and signature cocktails, and has recently upgraded its food options (including a few vegan-friendly dishes) by opening a new kitchen featuring a local chef. Perhaps the best feature of the taproom is the concrete-poured bar and comfortable stools. While enjoying a Crooked Handle brew I felt so comfortable I didn’t want to leave!

Taproom:  Pricing, Menu, and other goodies

Growlers, Signature Cocktails, Wares, and prices.

The Taproom Bar:  Comfy stools, with a poured concrete bar.

14 brews on tap, with a full bar.

14 taps of Springboro’s finest brew

Equipment and Fermenters:

Open concept brewing
Small batch fermenters
Pumps for moving brews

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