Blueberry Maple Tasting!

I’m so sorry it took so long to do an official tasting for this mead! It just keeps transforming for the better. I HIGHLY recommend making this! Even since filming this video I did a mead tasting for some friends (didn’t film sorry) and just like a… month(?) later the blueberry was spiking through! Flavors really do transform A LOT over time!

Video #1:
Video #2:

Based on a recipe in the book, “The Big Book of Mead Recipes” by Robert Ratliff

Here’s what I did…
1 quart of pure blueberry juice (or real blueberries is an option of course)
Yeast: D47
12 cups of water (to make a gallon if using 1 quart juice)
12 oz maple syrup
3lb honey (I used 1lb melter honey and 2 orange blossom)
Vanilla Bean (In secondary)
OG 1.130
FG 1.020 About 14%

Music by Deon:

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