Applewood-Smoked Apple Blossom Honey Cyser with Calypso Hops | How to make mead with smoked honey

Have you ever wondered what smoked honey would taste like in a mead? We used our charcoal grill to smoke some apple blossom honey over apple wood, then mixed that with apple juice and appley hops to make a cyser (mead with apples). To top that all off, we used fresh apples to make this mead by including them in secondary. If you’re wondering how to make mead with smoked honey at home, this video has you covered from beginning to end! It’s apples. All the way down. Home brewed into a delicious, juicy, sticky, and fragrant honey cider.


Recipe: Apples All the Way Down

8# applewood-smoked apple blossom honey
12 cans apple juice concentrate
1oz calypso hops
Water to five gallons
D47 yeast

10# chopped apples

4# remaining raw apple blossom honey (back up to 1.030)
Racked and cleared


How do you like your cider or cyser? Let us know in the comments (or on Discord)!

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